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Berlin’s Best Places to Eat

by | Mar 7, 2024 | World War Tour Berlin

Are you planning a trip to Berlin and wondering where to find the best places to eat? Look no further! Berlin is famous for its vibrant food scene, offering a wide range of culinary delights to satisfy any palate. From traditional German cuisine to international fusion dishes, this city has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the top eateries in Berlin, ensuring you have a memorable dining experience during your visit.

1. Curry 36

When in Berlin, trying a currywurst is a must. And there’s no better place to indulge in this iconic German dish than Curry 36. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Curry 36 has been serving up delicious currywurst since 1982. The secret to their success lies in their perfectly seasoned sausage and flavorful curry sauce. Don’t forget to order a side of crispy fries to complete your meal!

2. Markthalle Neun

If you’re a food lover looking for a unique dining experience, head over to Markthalle Neun. This lively food market in Kreuzberg offers a wide variety of stalls selling fresh produce, local specialties, and international delicacies. From artisanal cheese and freshly baked bread to mouthwatering street food, there’s something for everyone. Visit on Thursday evenings for the “Street Food Thursday” event, where you can taste dishes from around the world.

3. Schnitzelei

No visit to Berlin is complete without trying a traditional German schnitzel. At Schnitzelei, you can taste some of the best schnitzels in the city. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, this charming restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu full of schnitzel variations, from classic pork to veal and even vegetarian options. Don’t forget to try the crispy golden fries and a refreshing German beer to complement your meal.

4. Mustafas Gemüse Kebap

If you’re a fan of mouthwatering kebabs, Mustafas Gemüse Kebap is a must-visit. Located in the bustling neighborhood of Kreuzberg, this small food stand is famous for its juicy grilled chicken or vegetable kebabs, packed with fresh salad, creamy sauces, and a touch of spice. Be prepared to wait in line, as this place is always busy, but trust us, the wait is worth it.

5. Monsieur Vuong

Craving some delicious Vietnamese cuisine? Look no further than Monsieur Vuong. This popular restaurant, located in Mitte, serves up some of the best Vietnamese dishes in Berlin. From flavorful pho to fresh spring rolls, every dish at Monsieur Vuong is bursting with authentic flavors and made with high-quality ingredients. The cozy ambience and friendly staff make it a perfect spot for a satisfying meal.

6. Kater Holzig

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in a quirky setting, Kater Holzig is the place to go. This former soap factory turned eclectic restaurant boasts a diverse menu combining German classics with international influences. The industrial-chic decor, live music, and vibrant atmosphere make dining at Kater Holzig an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss their delicious brunch options on weekends!

7. Schwarzwaldstuben

For those seeking a taste of traditional German cuisine with a modern twist, Schwarzwaldstuben is a fantastic choice. Located in Friedrichshain, this cozy restaurant offers a menu inspired by the rustic flavors of the Black Forest region. Indulge in hearty dishes like venison stew or roasted wild boar accompanied by a wide selection of German wines. The warm and welcoming atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience.

8. Kreuzburger

If you’re in the mood for a tasty burger, make sure to visit Kreuzburger. With multiple locations across the city, this local chain offers a range of gourmet burgers made with high-quality ingredients. Whether you prefer a classic cheeseburger or a vegetarian option, Kreuzburger has got you covered. Customize your burger with a variety of toppings and sauces, and pair it with their crispy sweet potato fries for the ultimate indulgence.


Berlin’s food scene is a melting pot of flavors, offering a plethora of options to satisfy any foodie. From traditional German dishes to international cuisines, the city has something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re strolling through a food market, enjoying a classic German schnitzel, or exploring the unconventional dining spots, Berlin’s best places to eat will leave you with a full and happy stomach. So, don’t hesitate to embark on a culinary adventure and discover the vibrant food culture of this extraordinary city!

Berlin’s Best Places to Eat