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Exploring Third Reich Buildings in Berlin

by | Mar 7, 2024 | World War Tour Berlin

The city of Berlin, Germany, has a rich history that encompasses many significant events, including the era of the Third Reich. During this period, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party held power, leaving behind remnants of their architectural achievements. In this article, we will explore some of the notable Third Reich buildings in Berlin and the historical context surrounding them.

Reich Chancellery

One of the most prominent Third Reich buildings in Berlin was the Reich Chancellery. Located in the Wilhelmstrasse, it served as the official residence and office of Adolf Hitler. The massive structure was designed by architect Albert Speer and featured a grandiose facade and lavish interiors, reflecting the Nazi’s power and authority.

Visitors can learn about the history of the Reich Chancellery by visiting the Topography of Terror exhibition nearby, which showcases the rise and fall of the Nazi regime. Although the Reich Chancellery was mostly destroyed during World War II, you can still see remnants of its foundation and basement walls.


Another notable Third Reich building in Berlin is the Olympiastadion, built for the 1936 Summer Olympics held under Nazi rule. Designed by architect Werner March, it is a prime example of Nazi architecture, combining classical elements with massive stone structures.

Today, the Olympiastadion serves as a multi-purpose stadium and venue for various sporting and cultural events. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the stadium’s history and its transformation after the war. Explore the iconic bell tower, witness the preserved Olympic facilities, and imagine the grandeur witnessed during that time.

Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport, now known as Tempelhofer Feld, was once the main airport in Berlin during the Nazi era. Architect Ernst Sagebiel designed this colossal structure, characterized by its monumental facade and distinctive terminal building.

Today, Tempelhofer Feld is a public park where visitors can explore the vast open space, rent bicycles, have picnics, and even fly kites. The airport terminal itself has been converted into a venue for art exhibitions, cultural events, and even a refugee shelter during certain periods. As you stroll through this historic building, imagine the bustling air traffic during the Third Reich era.

Looking Deeper into Berlin’s History

While the buildings mentioned above offer a glimpse into the Third Reich era, it is essential to approach this part of Berlin’s history with sensitivity and understanding. The atrocities and human rights abuses associated with the Nazi regime should never be forgotten or glorified but rather studied and learned from to ensure they are never repeated.

When visiting these Third Reich buildings or any other historical sites in Berlin, consider joining guided tours or visiting museums that offer comprehensive information about the period. Well-informed guides can provide historical context, architectural insights, and share compelling stories that aid in understanding the historical significance of these places.

It is also crucial to be respectful while visiting these locations. Remember that these buildings were once a symbol of oppression and suffering for many. Reflect on the past and use the experience to foster a commitment to upholding peace, tolerance, and inclusivity.


Exploring Third Reich buildings in Berlin offers an opportunity to delve into the city’s complex history. The Reich Chancellery, Olympiastadion, and Tempelhof Airport stand as tangible reminders of the Nazi regime’s architectural ambitions.

As you visit these sites, take the opportunity to engage with the history, educate yourself, and discuss the lessons to be learned from this dark chapter. By understanding and acknowledging the past, we can work towards building a better and more tolerant future.

Exploring Third Reich Buildings in Berlin