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The Ultimate Guide to Cities in Berlin and Their Postal Codes

by | Mar 7, 2024 | World War Tour Berlin

When it comes to navigating a city, knowing the postal codes can be incredibly useful. In Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital, understanding the postal codes can help you locate specific neighborhoods, businesses, and landmarks. If you’re new to the city or planning a visit, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to understand the various cities in Berlin and their corresponding postal codes.

Introduction to Postal Codes in Berlin

In Germany, postal codes are referred to as “Postleitzahl” or “PLZ.” They are a series of numbers used by the national postal service to efficiently sort and deliver mail. Berlin, being a large city with distinct districts and neighborhoods, has its own unique system of postal codes. The first two digits represent a broader area, while the last three digits indicate a more specific location within that area.

Understanding Berlin’s Postal Code Structure

In Berlin, postal codes range from 10115 to 14199. Each district in the city has its own set of postal codes. Let’s explore some of the key districts and their corresponding postal code ranges:

1. Mitte (10115-10179)

Mitte is Berlin’s central district, home to many historical and cultural landmarks. The postal codes in this area start with 101 and include iconic locations such as Brandenburg Gate (10117) and Alexanderplatz (10178).

2. Prenzlauer Berg (10405-10439)

Prenzlauer Berg is known for its trendy cafes, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful residential streets. The postal codes in this area begin with 104 and cover popular areas like Kollwitzplatz (10405) and Mauerpark (10437).

3. Friedrichshain (10243-10249)

Friedrichshain is a lively district with a thriving arts and music scene. Postal codes in this area start with 102 and include famous landmarks like East Side Gallery (10243) and RAW-Gelände (10245).

4. Kreuzberg (10961-10997)

Kreuzberg is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, street art, and multicultural atmosphere. Postal codes in this area begin with 109 and include popular spots like Görlitzer Park (10997) and Oranienstraße (10999).

5. Charlottenburg (10585-10629)

Charlottenburg is a posh district known for its palaces, upscale shopping, and beautiful gardens. Postal codes in this area start with 105 and cover attractions like Charlottenburg Palace (10587) and Kurfürstendamm (10629).

Using Postal Codes in Berlin

Knowing the postal codes can assist you in various ways while navigating Berlin:

  • Locating Addresses: Postal codes help you quickly identify the general area of an address, making it easier to find your destination.
  • Finding Businesses: When searching for specific shops, restaurants, or services, you can narrow down the options by using postal codes.
  • Planning Your Visit: If you have a specific area or landmark in mind, knowing the corresponding postal code can help you plan your itinerary more efficiently.
  • Understanding Neighborhoods: Berlin’s postal codes provide insights into the different districts and their unique characteristics. This knowledge can help you explore the diversity the city has to offer.

A Comprehensive List of Berlin’s Postal Codes

District Postal Code Range
Mitte 10115-10179
Prenzlauer Berg 10405-10439
Friedrichshain 10243-10249
Kreuzberg 10961-10997
Charlottenburg 10585-10629


Understanding the postal codes in Berlin can significantly enhance your experience in the city. With this comprehensive guide, you now have a valuable resource to help you navigate the various districts and neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for specific addresses, planning your itinerary, or simply exploring the diverse characteristics of each district, knowing the postal codes will make your time in Berlin more enjoyable and efficient.

The Ultimate Guide to Cities in Berlin and Their Postal Codes