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World War Two Third Reich Tour

The World War Two Third Reich Tour is a guided walking tour to discover the history of Berlin. If sightseeing Berlin is your goal, this is one of the best walking tours you can take. This guided tour will bring you back to the past as local guides will tell you everything you have to know about what shaped Berlin. Berlin’s tourism offers a great deal of history, politics, and media, nonetheless, it also portrays how our world had become a better place for everyone.


When: Every Thursday & Saturday at 14:00

Where: At the front of Postfuhramt Berlin
Oranienburger straße, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Next to the Entrance.


  • Guests will need a valid ABC transit ticket
  • Bringing a snack and beverage is suggested as limited options are available


  • battle of berlin
  • the reichstag
  • the russian-german war museum
  • flak tower
  • awesome local history guides
  • history of wwii in berlin
  • the third reich capital
  • prenzlauer berg
  • the site of hitler’s bunker
  • and much more…

Berlin Day Tour Experience

Let our guides tell you stories and legends as we see the spot where Hitler had is a notorious underground lair. See the damage brought on by thousands of allied bombs and the defense structures built to keep them out.

This Tour visits many World War II historical sights and memorials. Along the way, our guide will recount historic events and urban legends. They are the best in the business. Our guides point out many interesting stories and facts that many would just walk over! We cover a lot but expect to be able to stop for drinks along the way and walk at a nice leisurely pace. Come see the streets come alive as we jump back in history and see the effects of the largest conflict the world has ever seen on the Original Berlin World War II Third Reich Tour.

Join us as we embark on this time travel tour. Book your tour with us.

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Berlin World War Two Third Reich Tour

From Prussian kings to the victorious Allied leaders of World War II, see the Cecilienhof and Sanssouci palaces, and understand why Potsdam is a city of UNESCO World Heritage with an expert guide.